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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Late but worth the wait

A good friend of mine flying in from the States on his way to South Africa landed with a generous twelve hour layover at Heathrow airport (luckily dodging the BA strike by a shift or two), so naturally we made plans to meet up.  I caught the first coach to London this morning, caught the express train into the City, the tube to Charing Cross, and then caught a cold whilst I stood outside the National Gallery under the pouring drizzle to wait for him.  The arrangements were loose I'll admit, and I worried that he'd got lost, or even had the temerity to leave the airport. 

But I didn't gripe at being stranded at Trafalgar Square. It was a black and red pageantry of taxis and buses versus tourists and pigeons which flurried beneath the great neck of Nelson's Column, while his nobler cousin Big Ben loomed over his shoulder sitting comfortably in the mist by Thames.  Nay, did I grumble one bit.  After an hour or two of waiting, I retreated to the nearest coffee boutique which had sofas, warm jazz, and free wi-fi, and I watched my London whirl on by.


Anonymous said...

should have met at Piccadilly Circus. There's an old saying that if you wait long enough at Piccadilly you'll run into someone that knows someone that knows you from somewhere. Oh wait, that's facebook.

Anonymous said...

i heart london sounds like you had a grate day. what does this have to do with fish tho?

WILLIE...! said...

Ciao Leanne.
Lovely Blog, but the main thing to catch my eye, was on your profile.
Films.....Life Is Beautiful. La Vita e' Bella. 1998. Roberto Benigni. Wonderful film, and 3 Academy Awards, and Roberto won Best Actor.
Would like to follow your Blog if that's o.k. Thankyou, Grazie.

Anonymous said...

I remember London. I think i have the pics somewhere to prove it. I wonder where those are?