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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Someone else's song from a long time ago...

Steven Pressfield once wrote that when the moment comes and you decide to sit down and start to write, take the time to tidy up your space so that when The Muse arrives and the inspiration starts to flow, she won't spoil her gown when she enters in. So, taking Pressfield's advice, I create order out of chaos by simply making my bed every morning, regardless of my mood.

As a spiritual human I've come to believe that when it's all said and done and my physical body is dead I'll look back upon this earthly sojourn and cherish it's unique learning experience.  I'll actually miss being a human in spite of my flaws. We'll regret all the time we spent fretting over money; the accumulation, the saving, the spending, the wasting and so on. I once had the chance to marry a man who'd have made me ten times wealthier than my parents overnight. I laughed about it to my mother once telling her that if I did marry him I'd show up for dinner one night wearing wobbly stiletto's, huge sunglasses, and dripping with diamonds.

I read somewhere once that "money doesn't bring you happiness, but it puts you in the general vicinity". The general vicinity of what exactly? Different problems that's all. Money is to be spent, like time is. I imagine that that's what makes me a Reaganomic Conservative, but also broke most of the time.

The one thing that binds us humans together is Time, we're subject to it's ticking march. And so we'll find that we spend our time doing what we love.

So do what you love and forget everything else.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely genius! Didn't Steven Pressfield write The Legend of Bagger Vance?? I'm a golfer, and love him. Love your blog too, keep it up Mira!

Anonymous said...

Love your writing, I'm going through a custody battle with my ex, you have lifted my spirits like you wouldn;t believe. Thanx 4 everything Moneypenny

Starbuck said...

SO incredibly happy to see a new post! Do what you do so well. Love it!

Shorty Cursive said...

ive resorted to commenting on your blog because it only took me less than 24 hours to notice your facebook being suspended.

lovely post. now set me up with the rich guy.

just kidding, i think.

miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Yes, if the rich guy is still around...i am available.