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Sunday, 22 August 2010

I'm gonna wash that Air right outta my Show

Two seagulls flying along the motorway were passed by a roaring jet plane.  The one gull turns to the other and says, "Caw, I wish I could fly like that".  And the other replies, "You would if you had two bottoms on fire!"

The first day of Britain's Air Show commenced five days ago, filling the skies with ear-drumming resonance as spit-fires, red arrows, and everything else in between went pounding over-head.  I don't know much about WWII and my knowledge of planes is even thinner.  I remember being at home with my father that day and him recognizing the rumble of a Lancaster droning in the distance. Without a word he left his desk and I followed him to the window where we caught a glimpse of an historical bird pummeling by, like a steamroller on wings.

But unlike last year this show caught the wrath of Britain's most dismal and soul-destroying weather which spat upon it's fire-works, tourists, and throngs of people turned out to anticipate the thundering arrival of the Vulcan and Euro Bomber divas, hoping to amends the gloomy skies.  The weather never came, the event nose-dived, and the clouds were wrung out to dry hanging like a rag over the exodus of disillusioned families on holiday making their way back home.   Somewhere above the trail of traffic and high above the clouds a mechanical flock with their bottoms on fire flew home.


*$ said...

Well done! You painted a vivid picture of what airshows past were and made a person feel. With your post those expecting to attend the airshow can enjoy at least a virtual visit to the rained out event. Won't be a total wash.

Miss MoneyPenny said...

Thanks for the comment Marie.

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