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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The man who rocked the boat

Christopher Hitchens has been a regular guest on global news networks for the last decade and he usually appears looking disheveled, hungover, and wearing a suit that he slept in.  His opinion intrigues people because his mind is anything but asleep.  I admire the man for his courage and opinion which has been contraversial but he's done his homework, knows his history and has the wit to take on the worst thugs and baffoons this world has ever seen. He's a maverick and think-tanks far and wide have scratched their heads in baffled amazement. He's original I love him.  But my favourite is how he perfected the insult by way of an understatement, "That ugly little toad"  for instance is more devestating than the most vulgar of profanity.

Christopher Hitchens is a peddler of atheism and has published books in it's defence.  A century ago Charles Dickens said,  "An education without God, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a clever devil". 

Hitchens has been struck by the cancer stick.  He'll die by and bye, but I'd love to be there when he meets Jerry Falwell on the other side.

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