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Monday, 8 November 2010

Taken from the latest Great Lake of Salt

Messages In The Sunset

Like sparks from a hot saw blade
Rotating slow-motion below the horizon
Supernatural light in distorted refraction gradually bends
Along the thin line of twilight 
Longitude and latitude
Tilting the axis of our souls in silent awe

God's translucent nocturnal art
Of divine fireworks bathes us
In His intense spectrum of wavelengths
Creating an afterglow of defused smiles
Then overcasts these sublime reflections
Catching fire in the watery eyes of humility

Stretching forth His kodachrome hand
Suspending His symphony of colors within a stillness
Displaying gentle flashes of fearful and trembling hues
Taking us home momentarily
To regenerate us in preparation
For His next gift of a new brilliant sunrise



Starbuck said...

May as well change the name of your blog from abettablog to awindpoetslog. The poetry is great but I would love to see more writing from you. I suppose it is just another way that I miss you.

Anonymous said...

I am honored that you posted this. And I also need more writing from your beautiful mind to humor and inspire me.

Keep doing whay you're doing. awindpoetsblog is a bad idea, but a sail with Starbuck sounds like a good one.


Anonymous said...

This is a page on facebook I have created. Please sigh-up and your fanship shall not go unrewarded in this life.

markusurealious/windpoet aka Mr. KKBB