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Monday, 19 December 2011

R.I.P Christopher Hitchens

In the world of the polemics, of which I dipped my toes into, I found Hitchens the most insightful and eloquent of all. He was unafraid and brewed a storm in his intellectual honest appraisal of the establishment and destablishment. His most devastating insults were "toad" and "horrible little man". If it weren't for his volunteering to be water-boarded just to prove a point, I'd call him an arm chair warrior, but he wasn't and Andrew Sullivan, Ian Mcewan, et al can speak for me in the way of his eulogy. Fundamentally I massively disagree with him, for instance he wrote a best selling book called "God is Not Great" (an attack on religion) and gave a lecture of "why women aren't funny". You see the dissonance. Christopher Hitchens will be sorely missed. I just read this essay of his a few weeks ago


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