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Saturday, 4 September 2010

And now for some NEWS

Fidel Castro, Cuba's former president, gave a rare interview to a Mexican newspaper.  He said the intestinal illness he has suffered in recent years had left him "at death's door", and expressed regret for having officially persecuted gays in the 1960s and 1970s.

Pakistanis and cricket-lovers were mortified after a newspaper sting appeared to show members of the Pakistani test side agreeing, through an agent, to rig parts of a game against England in exchange for £150,000 ($230,000).  Pakistan's prime minister, Yousaf Raza Gilani, spoke for many when he said accusations against the team "have caused great embarrassment for the entire nation."

Jennifer Aniston arrived in Africa earlier this week to sign the papers to adopt a 33 year old man named Nagassi.  An adoption agency in the U.S helped Jen secure Nagassi from an east African orphanage and will soon be the Hollywood actor's new boyfriend.  For years Ms. Aniston has tried unsuccessfully to get a man the natural way but now finally has someone to share her life with.  Mr Nagassi was reported to being a little shy when they first met but she apparently took him in her arms and said, "you're mine now, you'll be with me forever, and you're not going anywhere." Best of luck to the happy couple.


Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Mr. Kiss Kiss is on a hunger strike till Leanne comes back to SLC. During his daily interview today he apologized for not being gay. Afterwards the Prime Minister of Pakistan sent him some chocolate covered crickets in a nice box made out of hemp. Also, Jennifer Aniston is still trying to adopt Mr. Bang Bang so she can run her fingers through his hair every morning - noon - and night, refusing to ever let him go anywhere but back to Africa where he belongs.

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Anonymous said...

Is that news? You are irritating and boring.

Spencer, from Scotland.