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Monday, 11 October 2010

A Job for Steve

iHad to take my broken laptop into the Mac store the other day, and by appointment only iBattled my way through an orchard of iScrumpers playing with the latest of iThings and handed my bruised fruit to an iGeek sporting a pair of Woody Allen spectacles. He tested my computer for fatalities and he broke the solemn news that iNdeed my hard drive was broken and iHad lost everything.  Crying on the iNside, realizing how much iHad lost, iAsked him to explain what a hard drive is and how it works.  iThought it was all done by magic. He told me that iCan send iT to a data retrieving lab where people dressed in a bee-keeper type astronaut outfit working in a dust free lab fixing it by hand and that my broken drive can be retrieved.  


Anonymous said...

Friends and Computers:

For some really stupid reasons we file some away forever; yet a few eventually make it out of the bin and recycle back. A few might be in a police file, and there are some who probably should be in the X files. There are those who can play our hearts like a keyboard and whisper all types of digitized sweet nothings to brighten our screens. Other times we search for the right passwords to bring back those we have defaulted, trying everything we can to open them back up to us again. Those that we inadvertently cut might later feel like pasting us....and also think about putting a boot-up our @*#! Real special ones know just how to gently defrag us. On occasion we turn ourselves into fine-tuned engines and search for just the right one to surf through the rest of our life together with. Yet so many times we somehow never let get downloaded the right programs to upgrade us.
Then there is God, Who knows us all without ever having to use google. Who can processes trillions of requests - then answer them all in the twinkling of an eye, sending his Spirit to virus scan our hearts in order to restore our hard driven souls - reinstalling purpose, as He Casts His Net. He then leaves it entirely up to us if we want to be deleted out of his Facebook of life or not... but would rather have us all His best friends forever.


*$ said...

Great title! So sorry you lost so much. Hope for the best in your recovery mission. Remember that I also have a great deal of your stuff that was on the external and will get it all to you. Miss you and hope to see more entries with more frequency.